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I am a high school student. But not an ordinary student. I attend all my classes, am on time, and does well in class, but my grades are still bad. Because I do not do homework or assignments; except for one subject. I like to win any competition, hang around with friends, play games with people, and sometimes write poems. I love to help others who are in need of help and are struggling, but I should probably help myself first. One of the things that makes me feel good is writing. Another thing that makes me feel good is video games. I play lots of video games and have been playing games since I was a toddler. In video games, I love to compete with others, have a wonderful adventure, and to goof around with friends. I play games on consoles and computers. When I found out about the benefits of gaming on computers and the great amount of customization, I started to research and dream of getting my own custom built computer. It was like building a car with parts from a junkyard except it was much easier to do on computers. After 4 years of saving up for a custom computer, I ended up buying a computer from my local shop since my parents didn’t allow me to build my own. I still have that computer and it is great. The performance is amazing for the price but the computers is a dust magnet. The fans quickly got clogged with dust even though my room was pretty clean. After I couldn’t improve my computer skills any further, I started to do research about audio. I started to get curious about audio after I got a good pair of classic Sony headphones and when I accidentally downloaded studio quality music which sounded better than MP3. After many months of research, I now have a some great speakers which makes listening to music in my room better than TV speakers which is great. My speakers also make watching movies better, which is great to make explosions sounds more real. I also just recently got a pair of new headphones that are too valuable to bring them to school. Something I really need to work on is to focus more on school. I spend lots of time on technology and not enough on school. I have been having troubles with school for a long time. My biggest mistake was trying to run away from my troubles instead of facing them which made me feel bad. Something that had cheered me up is writing and that is when I got recommended to take a writing class to improve writing and publishing skills. In this class I found many great students and a teacher there to help. My writing was improving but I still was a regular person.┬áNow I am going to have to take my writing to the next level. By facing something I have been avoiding for years. Blogging.

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