Life (Fiction Story)

Pictures, postcards, and paintings all have it. People generally like it and I guess thats why it’s so popular. But me? I don’t. Clear blue sky with orange and red leaves in the background. I mean like I used to like it too. There was a playground in between two schools. Each day I would go to that playground. I used to believe it look at it’s finest at autumn since the trees where changing colors. At that playground I met a person. He became my best friend. The playground was our meeting spot. Until one day, when the sky was blue and the leaves were orange and red, I reached the park but was greeted by yellow tape. It read crime scene do not cross. I completely ignored it and found my friend lying there on the ground. I’m surrounded by this scene in postcards, pictures, and paintings. It won’t go away. I came back to that playground this year and it was completely black and white. Apparently the killer killed him for “being in the wrong religious group.” Ever since that day I have completely avoided my everyone. I loved to sit alone, close my eyes, and see absolutely nothing. I put earphones in my ears to stop hearing the outside world and it worked well. My friends took note of how I was behaving and tried to cheer me up, but sometimes, I lost it, I yelled at them, and I roasted them badly. The friends slowly started to become ordinary people and then i was all


I lost them. Nobody cares for me. And I have nobody to talk to. Nobody to trust. My school grades started to go downhill too. It was going down too fast and everyone made fun of me for being so bad. So I drop out and joined the army. I had gone crazy. I started to enjoy the pain I felt from pushing myself to the limit and beyond. One day after my training I saw my one of my old friends. We had a conversation on what we had been through for the past few months. He first talked about his own life then asked about mine. After he heard my story he said you should really go see a doctor and then walked away. While walking away he said going to the doctor was wouldn’t hurt. I was thinking yeah I know, health care is free here, but instead he said the doctor could “change me back to the person I was.” But I didn’t want to go see a doctor. I was fine. Really. I am breathing and walking fine. There is nothing wrong with me. I thought about this for so long. So one day I went to the doctor. He helped me. I don’t know if the doctor really did “change me back to the person I was.” But once I arrived at that park, It was green and growing. It’s revived.

A Writer (Free Choice)

I am not a professional writer.

maybe because i don’t read.

but i still want to write.

So I got this journal.

but still,

i can’t match the others


my brain has all these ideas.

I write them down.

But I can easily imagine that.

my ideas will be stolen.

By someone who didn’t even experience the hardships that I did.

The Day I Lost My Phone (Free Choice 1)

The day I lost my smart phone

was awful.

My best friend. Always there when I summoned it.

Had fried.

I stressed it so much.

Toyed with it.

Yelled at it.

And threw it when it didn’t obey.

I was a bully.

I dropped it

and even drowned it.

The only time I gave it a raise was when I got more music

and a better phone plan

Oh well


I love my new phone

Its so much better than my old phone


After two years repeat

Daydreaming (Poem)

I daydream way tooo muucchhh.

It happens


At any time.





Oh whoops sorry. I was daydreaming again.

As I was saying,

It happens when I’m doing nothing or something that I am not interested in.

Or actually it happens when I’m doing something I don’t want to.

And I don’t know why I don’t want to do much these days.


It’s complicated.


 My dreams are always welcoming me.

So whats the problem if I just leave the world for not long.

Its a big problem.

Especially to dreamers.

The problem is the world doesn’t slow down when you dream.

And time keeps going.

And we humans don’t have unlimited amount of time in this world.

And we have work to do that society expects you to do or else it won’t pay you back.

Oh no!

I lift my head and I remember what I was doing before.

I was writing my exam.

An exam I somehow couldn’t study for.

If I fail this exam I can’t go to university.

And getting a job will become difficult.

I see my teacher coming.

My teacher approaches me.

“You got lots of time,” she calmly says.

But lots of time isn’t unlimited time.

And with daydreaming my enemy.

Lots isn’t enough.

I’m sorry I try to focus.

But as days pass it is getting harder to work.

For the past few months my classmates have hated me for taking so long on every single test.

I promise them every time I will be faster…

 And I have broken a lot of promises. Am I a bad boy?






“Times up please hand in your exams.”

Why do I daydream too much?